Zaynab the Great is told through seussian rhyme and illuminating illustrations, with tangible tips and resources to reduce plastic pollution in your local community available at the end. It focuses on the values of determination, self-esteem, community, and friendship while using accessible avenues to communicate biological phenomena like bioaccumulation and biomagnification. It reads in a simple rhythm while teaching important vocabulary and academic scientific concepts.



This story is for families that are looking to increase their knowledge of environmental issues in a way that is attainable to young learners and invites them along on the journey to advocacy. It is also for educators and activists that are looking to communicate to audiences that are new to conservation. We are walking the talk with our production of this book, and thus are printing on partially post-consumer recycled paper with non-toxic inks and of course, no plastic packaging. Because of that, our production costs are higher than they normally would be for one that doesn't meet the strict standards we are adhering to. We are also not publishing on Amazon, but rather working with nonprofits and independent booksellers to people in a more equitable way. And this is why we need your help!




This story is focused on community. Understanding your community, protecting your community, educating your community, and relying on your community. Climate and environmental advocacy comes from the people, and builds a future for the people. We want to build that with you. When you purchase this book, you will push forward a brand new genre of literature aimed at empowering young people to fight for the future of the planet and finally make grownups listen. Be a part of the change today. 

From the whole ZTG team, thank you.