Zaynab the Great and the Giant Plastic Monster

A revolutionary new children's book about plastic pollution, friendship, and community activism.

Zaynab the Great is the queen of nature, so when a giant plastic monster in the ocean threatens her marine friends, she sets out on a journey to discover who exactly is behind all the garbage.

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A story of community


The story follows Zay, a rambunctious young learner, as she witnesses a massive ecological crisis in the form of an animated pile of garbage in the ocean, tangling up and poisoning all of her underwater friends.


She uses her science inquiry skills to ask questions and conduct investigations about who is creating all of the trash, and why they are allowed to do so.


She negotiates with a business owner, appeals to a government official, and participates in youth environmental activism. Ultimately, she learns that change comes with teamwork and resilience.

The Inspiration

"I'm the queen of nature." Zay mumbled to herself while toying with the legos from our lesson. 



Zaynab the Great is based on this very conversation.

About the Author